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  • Critiquing, mentoring, editing service, and proofreading by award winning author Charlotte Hughes. This NY Times best selling author brings her skills and knowledge to the job of polishing your manuscript so it shines. Charlotte has taken a few aspiring writers under her wing as a mentor for thier writing.
  • Charlotte Hughes is a NY Times bestselling author who has authored nearly 50 novels. This critiques website is where she accepts occasional manuscriipt projects for editing proofreading and critiquing the works of aspiring new writers who are wanting for a fresh look.
  • In the editing service offered by best selling author Charlotte Hughes, her fees and rates are reasonable for crtiques, editing, ghostwriting, and proofreading.
  • Critique, proofreading, and editing all serve quite different purposes. NY Times best selling author Charlotte Hughes discusses how these activities differ, and when to use each of them. Proofreadering is the most superficial and is paid the least. Copy editing is more concerned with style and consistency than proofreading.
  • Contact Page for the editing service of Charlotte Hughes. She also does critiquing and proofreading on books, manuscripts, ebooks, and proposals. Ms. Hughes will accept a limited number of commissions but does not want you to send a manuscript unless it is specifically requested.
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