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NY Times Best Selling Author Charlotte Hughes

Manuscript Edits and Critiques by appointment 

Rates for Editing Service, Critiques, and Proofreading of Manuscripts, Proposals, Books and Ebooks. 

Author Charlotte Hughes' Rates:

Critiquing, Editing, Proofreading and Mentoring

Charlotte Hughes enjoys mentoring and critiquing youg authors, and the rates she charges are quite reasonable. Pages are calculated at a word count computed at approximately 250 words per page. Minimum charge for small projects is $75.

 Critique/Written Feedback  $3.00/page
 Proofreading Service  $3/page
 Proofreading/Editing with Track Changes  $5/page
 Mentoring  $5/page

Specialty Editing Service

Occasionally Charlotte will do a specialty editing service, for projects like ghostwriting, serving as a book doctor, working in depth on your ebooks, and helping with crafting a book proposal designed to catch an agent or editors eye. These avdvanced critiquing services, provided by the award wining author Charlotte Hughes, will by necessity be at a pace that she can accommodate on top of her own writing career. Minimum charge for any project is $75:

 Book Doctor  $5/page
 Ghostwriter  $10/page
 Book Proposals  $10/page
 E-Books  $10/page


From time to time Charlotte Hughes will assist with proposals at a fee mutually agreed upon. To contact Charlotte Hughes about retaining her editing services, critiques, mentoring, or other work, please email the details - including word or page count, how rapidly you need the work done, and some description of the project, and refer to "myeditingservices." Also, please attach ten sample pages from a chapter so she can get a sense of how much work needs to be done.   

.  Charlotte is happy to hear from you about your editing or critiquing project. She likes to help others who show promise to develop thier craft.












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