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Charlotte Hughes, Award Winning NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of 50 novels.

Selling in today's market is challenging, even if you are a multi-published author. For the aspiring or first time author, it can be outright daunting. If you wish to capture the attention of an agent or editor, your work must shine.

That's where I come in!

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of manuscripts, assisting writers with critiquing and getting their work ready to market. Many of my clients went on to make their first sale!

Selling your first book is not a stroke of luck; and just because your mother, sister, and best friend think it's the greatest read since Gone With The Wind, that does not always make it so. Chances are they don't know anything about story structure, pacing, or creating three dimensional characters. They probably do not know the difference between plot-driven and character-driven books.

I wish I had professional help writing my first book. Instead I went about it blindly, and racked up a huge number of rejection slips. It was heartbreaking because I had spent months and months writing and proofreading it. That book ended up in my desk drawer, only to be shredded years later. Sadly, the number of writers who attempt writing a second book, after having the first rejected, is incredibly low.

I sold my second book in 1986, but only after I had revised and rewritten it about a dozen times. Think how much easier it would have been had I known a mentor to give me guidance and critiques!

That is what I am offering. I know what makes a manuscript work, and what doesn't, and I am pretty good at coming up with ways to fix it. I can help you flesh out your characters so your readers will care about them. Bottom line, if your reader does not care about your characters, he or she is not going to care about your story. And since dialogue is just one of my areas of expertise, I can help you bring your characters alive through their words.


Critiquing, Proofreading and Editing Service

My Editing Service offers critiquing and proofreading as well as mentoring for your writing project. In addition to manuscript or novel critiquing, I can take a closer role as a mentor or Book Doctor. My rates for critiquing and editing are competitive.


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